Rites of Passage

As a young adult, you go through many rites of passage into adulthood. One of the classic ones is your senior prom. Some may fall into the fairy-tale of the moment; some may choose to make light of this important event. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, it’s important to know this is not your traditional school dance. There are a few things you’ll want to do to prepare for your prom that may be different than anything you’ve had to prepare for before. Here are some tips on making the evening a success.


Define Your Style: It’s best to be yourself, so when you start deciding on what to wear and what kind of night you want to have, remember to keep your best and most honest self at the forefront. By the same token, this is a closing chapter in a lot of ways: it’s the way many of your classmates will remember you years from now. Go out in style and leave the kind of mark you want to have remembered.Rites of Passage Corsage

Get Dolled Up: There aren’t many opportunities to get dressed in your finest. Find the clothes that make you feel like a million bucks and the accessories to match. Wear the tux; buy the gown. It’s a tradition worthy of celebrating with all the special effects: flowers, gowns, limos, etc. Take the pictures and make a lasting memory with your childhood friends. Of course, getting dolled up does require that you have some advanced preparations. Be sure to seek out expert advice so that you can get the right look for you.

Flowers Required: You may not have had an opportunity prior to your senior prom to wear a corsage or a boutonniere. Do some research on the kind of look that you and your date would like to wear (should we match? What colors do we want? Will it go with my outfit?) and speak to a florist about your options. When you do, remember to ask about the finer details so you know how to take care of your flowers and make it to the party picture-ready.

Rites of Passage Boutonniere

Now that you’ve made it almost to the end of your senior year, enjoy one of the biggest moments of your high school career and be sure to spend time with the friends that have been with you through it all. Reminisce, party hard, and enjoy one of your rites of passage.