Author: Carter Eros

Rites of Passage
Rites of Passage
Carter Eros | 9 April

As a young adult, you go through many rites of passage into adulthood. One of the classic ones is your

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An Interview with a Florist: Mayuri Parikh
Carter Eros | 22 January

Flowers and decorating are such a huge part of every wedding, it’s important to understand your style, but also the

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An Intimate Wedding at The Castle Hotel and Spa
Carter Eros | 15 January

Deciding on a small or large wedding is often one of the first steps in wedding planning. Figuring out how

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The Madison Hotel Conservatory
Carter Eros | 8 January

I love flowers and working in a natural environment! This may seem like an obvious statement, but the real pleasure

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Indian Knanaya Catholic Wedding
Carter Eros | 1 January

Every culture has its traditions, and when you’re deciding to plan your special day, including those traditions can be a

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Traditional With A Touch Of Bling
Carter Eros | 26 December

Let’s go back to Jennifer and Erick’s wedding at the majestic Falkirk Estate in Central Valley, NY. This couple wanted

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Locust Grove
A Rustic Wedding and A Step Back in Time
Carter Eros | 18 December

What does a rustic wedding look like to you? We strive to provide each wedding with a unique look and

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