Floral Table Runner Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Author: Alexandria Heinz

Weddings are all about the details. Petals scattered down the aisle transforms the space into a romantic runway. A dessert table filled with brightly colored treats brightens up the venue and gives it a youthful feel. These small details shape the theme and atmosphere of your wedding.

One detail that should not be forgotten is the table decor. Creating a floral table runner at your reception will generate a fairytale look and leave the guests awestruck. Floral table runners are the perfect detail because you can create a cohesive look by using your wedding bouquet flowers in the arrangement.

For a little inspiration, FTD has themed floral table runners to match any wedding. Browse through their selection to find the perfect fit for your special day. Take note of which flowers are used and if they will complement your wedding theme and colors.

Lush and Vibrant:

Lush and vibrant floral table runner

Classic and Simple:

Classic and simple floral table runner

Bold and Bright:

Bold and bright floral table runner

Elegant and Glam:

Elegant and glam floral table runner

Rustic and Wild:

rustic and wild floral table runner

Chic and Romantic:

chic and romantic floral table runner