The Madison Hotel Conservatory

I love flowers and working in a natural environment! This may seem like an obvious statement, but the real pleasure that I get from working in an environment that feels native to me can’t be overstated. For a florist, working at a botanical garden is like a dream come true, and I was thankful to be able to do that at The Madison Hotel Conservatory.

Debbie and Chris chose this New Jersey landmark for their wedding and reception. The Madison Hotel is obviously already naturally gorgeous, and we wanted to add to the beauty with our floral arrangements. For the ceremony, the arch was designed with custom with white sheer fabric and purple flowers. Given that the ceremony and reception were in the same room, we were able to reuse the arch as a backdrop for the sweetheart table.

The style of the wedding was designed to fit right into the natural feeling of The Madison Hotel. The bridesmaids were wearing splendid emerald-green dresses that just added a wonderful luster to the color palette. The bride herself was glowing and was definitely enjoying the company of her friends and family! Her bouquet was made of all Verde roses and flowed perfectly with the room, theme, and style.

While most receptions have round tables, we were dealing with oval tables on this day. Just one centerpiece wouldn’t do the tables justice, so we added additional centerpieces to make the tables look longer and lengthen the decor to end of the table. The centerpieces were crafted out of fresh flowers combined with a silver candelabra.

Everyone was having a blast at this wedding! You can just see the joy, happiness, and fun that was captured in the photographs. It was such a joy to participate in this wedding in one of my favorite venues, and we’re thankful that Debbie and Chris chose us to share in making their wedding day one full of beauty and delight. If you’re planning on using this wonderful location as your destination, why not give us a call? We’re happy to help you craft your own unique look and experience.