Wedding Wire 5 Stars | 4.7

I recently married the love of my life June 21st in New Rochelle. From my first encounter with Mayuri, I was very intrigued with her passion and interest in providing me with the best service. Mayuri was very professional and very flexible throughout my whole wedding planning. The venue that I got married in required us to use their house florist which at the time slipped my mind. I presented this information to Mayuri especially since I had made a deposit already. Mayuri was very accommodating and didn’t want me to lose out on my deposit; so she provided me with the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and rose petals for the flower baskets.I love the fact that Mayuri was very responsive when I contacted her whether it would be via, email, voice mail and/or text message. As a bride you want to be able to stay in contact with your vendor especially if you’re making changes on something. As for me I was very indecisive and often made changes to the floral selections that were already inputed into our contract. Mayuri was very understanding and attentive; as the professional she lended her expert advice and made the changes without any complaints. My bouquet came out so beautifully along with the bridesmaids bouquets. I couldn’t be any more happy with the service that was provided. She really blew me away with the final execution of everything. As I look through my pictures I know I made the best decision to work with Mayuri as my florist.