Winter Weddings For A Touch of Class

Have you ever considered having a winter wedding? Most couples seem to skip the winter season as a possibility for dates when they’re planning their wedding. However, having your wedding

How to Have a Luxury Wedding: Part II

Now that you’ve decided to have a luxury wedding, the next stage of planning begins. As we mentioned, not all luxury weddings are created equal. It’s important that you customize

How to Have a Luxury Wedding: Part I

Are you trying to decide how to have a luxury wedding? Luxury weddings mean different things to different people, but the primary focus can be distilled down to two primary

Rich Sapphire-Lit Blue Sky: Outdoor Weddings

It’s great you’re thinking about an outdoor wedding. Picture it: the sensational sunset on that thrilling day that captivates the eyes; the rich sapphire-lit blue sky caressed by light streaks

An Interview with a Florist: Mayuri Parikh

Flowers and decorating are such a huge part of every wedding, it’s important to understand your style, but also the style of the florist who will bring your vision to

An Intimate Wedding at The Castle Hotel and Spa

Deciding on a small or large wedding is often one of the first steps in wedding planning. Figuring out how to keep the guest list small can often be a

The Madison Hotel Conservatory

I love flowers and working in a natural environment! This may seem like an obvious statement, but the real pleasure that I get from working in an environment that feels

Indian Knanaya Catholic Wedding

Every culture has its traditions, and when you’re deciding to plan your special day, including those traditions can be a wonderful foundation for the beginning of your lives together. If

Traditional With A Touch Of Bling

Let’s go back to Jennifer and Erick’s wedding at the majestic Falkirk Estate in Central Valley, NY. This couple wanted a traditional ceremony and reception that would honor them as

A Rustic Wedding and A Step Back in Time

What does a rustic wedding look like to you? We strive to provide each wedding with a unique look and feel. In order to do this, we sit down with