A Rustic Wedding and A Step Back in Time

What does a rustic wedding look like to you? We strive to provide each wedding with a unique look and feel. In order to do this, we sit down with each customer and get a sense of their style and desires for their wedding. You’ll find that many people might decide on a rustic theme, but each couple is different, and rustic can include a variety of styles, colors, and impressions.

For this rustic-themed wedding at (a 200-acre estate overlooking the Hudson River in the Hudson Valley), we wanted to give the bride and groom a few specialized touches. The location itself is like a step back in time, and we wanted to complement the beautiful gardens and landscaped grounds that were designed to enchant and delight the guests.

Because of the time of year and the nature of the rustic wedding theme, we used a variety of succulents that would give the rustic look but also be suitable for the area and season. Typically found in arid climates, the fleshy plants made a great addition to both the outdoor reception and as decorations for the escort card table. The look and feel provided both a unique element to complement the couple’s theme.

The escort cards were themselves another specialized touch. They were made out of birch and included some greenery that helped give them a more authentic feel. The extra customization also made them a keepsake that could be enjoyed long after the wedding and would remind the guests of this wedding for years to come.

When we designed the centerpieces, we designed them to match not only the look and feel of the reception but also the overall wedding. While they didn’t incorporate the succulents directly, they did match the colors in the bridal bouquet and also included table numbers designed to look like a cactus (a succulent). This complement added some life to the party but continued to give the reception the rustic feel that the couple wanted. The pots for the centerpieces were themselves made of natural wood in another nod to the natural style. For our rustic wedding couple, it provided just the kind of highlight they were looking for.

For us, there’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter design! It’s all about the attention to detail, and with this wedding, we provided the couple with a look and feel that encourages a trip to the outdoors, but not overwhelming the guests. This allowed us to keep it natural, while also giving the couple something they would remember that would be entirely their own.