Behind The Scenes

Signing a client is such an accomplishment every time, the thrill of the close never gets old. But hard work doesn’t stop there. After months of carefully planning every detail, color, flower, sketch, etc. the day of the event comes and it’s time for the set up to turn your amazing idea into reality.

Here is how my team sets up for events:

Creating a timeline is crucial to planning. The overall event, of course, has a timeline but so does the setup. Some setups are simply putting flower arrangements in the center of tables while others are elaborate and require detail and patience to set up. It is important to share the timeline with the entire event staff and, if possible, set up a call a week prior to the event to have a walk-thru of the timeline in case there is any confusion. An important tip to keep in mind is to build in a cushion of time to account for traffic, a décor repair, sick staff member, weather, etc. 

Once you arrive at your venue take stock of all inventory to make sure you have everything. Pass out assignments and timelines to everyone and ask again for any questions. Review safety and delicate handling again to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

During the set-up process, it’s best to have a point person or team lead. Ideally, this would be yourself but if you’re the lead designer and you’re putting together an intricate backdrop you cannot supervise everyone. Designate a team leads to keep time and run point on any problems that may arise. 

When decorating for a client for multiple venues or rooms for an event you want to think about ways you can maximize for your client. For example, the team at Mayuri’s Floral Design always works in the repurposing of church flowers for the reception. This maximizes the life of the flowers and value for the client. 

Setup can also be a time to network with other vendors not only to enhance each other’s work for the client but to create a working relationship for future referrals.



Lastly, we capture everything with photos to add to our portfolio. I have been lucky enough to network with photographers that have amazing talent. One such photographer is Jessah of Jessah Rose Photography. Click here to see photos from our last set up. 

Jessah did an amazing job capturing our hard work and making it look easy and graceful. Thanks to Jessah for these photos and to all the vendors that helped to set up this event with us. Check out her work on Instagram – @jessah.rose