Indian Wedding Worksheet

Indian Wedding Detailed Form

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  • Invitation time: When Guest arrives
    Please Choose What type of centerpieces you prefer. Indication on cost of per table centerpiece helps you figure out your budget. For ex: $50 per table X 25 tables= $1250 for centerpieces. Hope this helps you determine somewhat cost of the wedding Floral Decor.
  • This Event is typically on a separate day then the wedding day. Please indicate separate budget for this event then wedding and reception.
  • Please indicate which fits your needs best. We offer 10% discount on both floral and planning service.
  • Please indicate Date and time that you are available to meet from 10am- 7:30pm on weekdays. Weekend times are limited. We are out setting up weddings. Above write down few choice of time and days you would like to meet. Our meeting place will be in my Studio (residential area) in New City address.
  • If you have it please share it. Click on the board you wish to share. On upper left corner of that board it will give you a +sign to invite. Please enter or Mayuri's Floral Design.
  • Please email any pictures that you have at
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