Winter Wedding Decor Accessories – Crystals!



As we continue through the winter wedding season, we are continually brainstorming ways we can incorporate winter inspiration to our wedding floral arrangements. One specific way to give the appearance of wintery elegance while keeping costs down? Crystals! A great accessory to the floral arrangements, it adds the perfect touch of class while not overpowering the beauty of the flowers and other arrangements. It also gives the “cooling” effect of winter that you may be looking for! They can be bought in many sizes, shapes & colors and are offered in various packages. For a true winter feeling, focus on crystals that are clear, blue and light pinks or purples in color.

We wanted to share some photos from some of our clients’ weddings to give you inspiration on using crystals in your wedding decor. Some quick tips? Crystals can be added to the bottom of the glass centerpieces or scattered on reception tables. They can be glued/wrapped around candle holders or wine glasses for the wedding aisle and/or general venue decor. For a more decadent look, perhaps you want them dangling off of the large vase centerpieces or ceremony canopy! For small touches, try pinning a few crystals into the bridesmaids bouquets or in your hair!  Here’s one website where you can start doing your research!
Brides, this is your time to get creative — enjoy! Contact us for other wedding & floral decor ideas and a consultation!
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