Marsala Wedding Floral Decor!

Last month, Pantone announced their color for 2015 – MARSALA! A beautiful blend of red, purple and brown, this color is quite versatile and can pair well with various different color themes for a wedding! This color/pallet is quite common for Indian/Pakistani weddings and provides just the right amount of boldness to the wedding celebrations! Because a wide variety of our clients are incorporating these colors into their religious wedding ceremonies, we feel we can greatly contribute to some floral suggestions for you!

The rich and dark tone this color provides is an especially beautiful shade for a winter wedding.. If you’re planning a winter wedding, here are some flowers and bends we recommend in this color scheme that you should consider for your upcoming nuptials! 

Mayuri's Floral Design -22


Roses & Hydrangeas: two beautiful flowers that work together on their own, but pair together wonderfully. The large petals of the roses stand well on their own, but could use something a bit more tame to partner with if you’re looking to combine flowers in your bouquets of centerpieces. The marsala color also has the earthy tones, making it truly gorgeous for any season, but winter in particular.

ranunculus-flower-raspberry-plum-september-to-may-15th-delivery-0e2b58d Image via Etsy

Ranunculus: a personal favorite, this unique flower comes in an array of colors. But, the purple/burgundy hue in this photo really makes them stand out. These also work best from September to May, so now’s a good time of year to consider them! It can be a good replacement for roses because of the layered petal formation. This flower is a bit more expensive, so keep this in mind when choosing.


 Image via Wedding and Dressing

Dahlias & Mini Orchids: Both flowers are a bit more expensive, but their rich dark hues make them a perfect pair for a wedding bouquet or reception centerpieces. They both have their signature petals that make them easily stand out.

Mayuri's Floral Design -31 Mayuri's Floral Design -12

Roses (Black Magic): For a real winter wedding feel, the black magic rose is your perfect companion. It’s extremely dark tones and velvet petals give just the right amount of romance for your wedding decor. Black Magic Roses can be used for your bridal bouquet as well as the wedding centerpieces.

splendid125 Image via Photobucket

Hanging Amaranthus: Amaranthus come in several colors, but the marsala color can help take what may be a more simple floral arrangement and give it the little extra spark it needs to stand out. These typically are placed towards the bottom of the arrangement so they can hang down, feeling a bit 3-D like!

Contact us for a consultation on color themes and pairing of different flowers for the winter season! Here are a few other Marsala inspired ideas from previous work we’ve done.. Let us know what you think!

 Mayuri's Floral Design -19
 Mayuri's Floral Design -21
 Mayuri's Floral Design -18
 Mayuri's Floral Design -35
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