Your Culture, Your Wedding: A How-To Guide

If you read last week’s blog about making your wedding your own, you’ll recall that part of making your wedding special is including family traditions and your culture that may be unique to you. There are some potential issues that may arise, so this week’s post is dedicated to helping you avoid some major pitfalls and ensure that your cultural additions add the right flavor to your event.

Honor and Respect: Most elements of culture that you can include in your wedding have deep meaning and significance. Before you decide to include any of it, be sure you understand what that meaning is and decide if you want that meaning to be a part of your special day. Avoid including elements just for show or because it looks pretty. While there’s nothing wrong with including pretty things in your wedding, you don’t want to make a mockery of your (or someone else’s) culture. These elements should be treated with the honor and respect they deserve so that you can stay ahead of misinterpretations or unintentionally offending some of your guests.


Family Affair: Whether your parents are fully involved in the planning of the event, or they are basically not in the picture, when it comes to including your culture, you should definitely get the input of your family if possible, especially if you’ve never previously had the opportunity to discuss or witness a wedding that incorporated some special elements. Be sure to also have a conversation about which elements you’d like to include and exclude, and why. It may help prevent some hurt feelings if your family doesn’t entirely get their way and may also help you understand why some things are more important than others.


Relevant Themes: Repeat after us: avoid overkill. Don’t go so crazy on your theme that it becomes overpowering and misses the fact that this is a wedding. Themes are supposed to support, not suppress, the actual day of your wedding. This is sometimes a delicate balance but given that it can make or brake the ambiance of your wedding, it’s worthy of the time to get it right. Look for the harmony of your culture and your wedding theme and try to avoid making too much of a statement.

Including your culture can be a beautiful way to pay tribute to family as well as to share with friends a rich tradition that is important to you. If you’re in need of some ideas or some guidance, we’d love to discuss how we can help you find the right balance.