Tablescapes: More Than Just Plates

There’s a lot of wedding jargon out there, and tablescapes is one that typically only comes up in the wedding world. For a lot of weddings, most people focus their attention on a floral centerpiece. While the aptly-named centerpiece is undoubtedly king of the design, there is way more to a table design then just the centerpiece. When you think of the incredible wow factor that will impress all your guests, consider adding some life to your table by going beyond the centerpiece.  Today we’ll define what a tablescape is and how to work with your event designer to create a meaningful one for you.

Defining Tablescapes: Think of a tablescape as the landscape for your table. It encompasses every element that the eye can see, including the centerpiece, tablecloth, dishes, glassware, and more. It’s not just about placing items on a table; it’s about invoking a feeling and creating a look that entices your guests to embrace the emotion of your event. Not all tablescapes are created equal, and what goes on the table will entirely depend on the vision for your event.

 Approaching the Design: Tablescapes can really be a work of art. Keep in mind that for your wedding, you may want to work with an event designer who can craft a unique style for you. Because you will be so busy on the day of your wedding, it’s a good idea to avoid elaborate DIY designs that you won’t have time to implement. Also, sometimes less is more. Remember that your guests will also be eating at these tables and avoid overcrowding the design that may make it difficult to enjoy the meal. Get a draft or images of the design and discuss your needs with the designer before committing to a final look for your tables.


Providing an Experience: The goal of a great table design is really to create an extra element of ambiance for your guests (plus, they show up really well in pictures)! As you discuss your design and implementation, treat your tables as another element of your wedding décor and avoid leaving a blank canvas that can underwhelm a room.

While your venue, floral arrangements, and other elements may already be accounted for, the rest of your table still needs to be defined. If you’re looking for help defining your tablescape vision, contact us so that we can discuss how best to implement your additional wow factors.