Spring Weddings in the Traditional Wedding Season

Spring is considered the most traditional time to host a wedding. There’s a reason spring is considered traditional wedding season, and if you have your heart set on a classic event, spring will definitely be the time to host your special day. Below we review the positives as well as some things to watch out for as you decide in what season you would like to host your wedding.

spring weddings

The Weather: Spring is traditionally the best weather in New York. You will find warmer weather than in the winter, but not so hot as the summer. Because it’s also the season of growth, you’ll have an abundance of green trees that will help add to the atmosphere of your event. Great light for pictures and great weather will equal pictures that will be at their best in the springtime. Spring weddings do tend to hold a higher possibility for rain, but rain doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Embrace the temperate climate and enjoy all the sprouting leaves and flowers.

A Preponderance of Choice: Everyone is prepared for springtime weddings, which means all your guests will be in the right mindset and ready for your event at this time of the year. You will also likely have more clothing and decorating options in traditional colors as most vendors plan for weddings at this time of year. The major consideration for this time of year is that vendors tend to get booked up early, so be prepared to either plan early or look for dates or locations that may be less popular.

Symbolically Wonderful: Spring is a time of growth and beginnings, and that can certainly be applied to weddings as well. Hosting your wedding during the spring can embody the symbolism of the season and indicate to your guests the type of event you’re planning to host.  It will also likely suggest that you’re a traditionalist and that your wedding will be a fairly classic affair. This doesn’t mean you can embody your event with elements that are uniquely you, but the traditional nature may also suit your vision. Find ways to incorporate some of this symbolism in to your event and make the most of hosting your wedding during the traditional season.

Whether you’re planning a traditional event, or you’re just interested in all the other benefits you get in a spring wedding, a springtime wedding is one that will allow you the flexibility to define your event exactly as you would like. Discuss your ideas with a professional, and ensure that your wedding plans turn out just the way you intended.