Wedding Wire 5 Stars | 5.0

I truly can’t thank Mayuri and her team enough for EVERYTHING that they did for my wedding!! From the very first day I met her I knew I trusted her enough to take care of my wedding. Her ideas and her take charge approach were exactly what I needed. She was very quick to figure out my style and what I was attracted to and was able to envision what I wanted (even though I wasn’t quite aware of what I wanted!). I could go on and on about the ways Mayuri made this the best event ever, but I’ll keep it to a minimum. My hair stylist bailed on me two and a half weeks before the wedding. Mayuri was quick to offer names/people to help. And of course it rained the entire week leading up to my outdoor wedding… Mayuri had been watching the weather constantly and when we finally decided to move it inside, she really brought the garden into the hotel for me so I was able to get my dream garden wedding, albeit indoors!! I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone! And if you give her any creative freedom you will not regret it! Her ideas and creativity will probably go beyond anything you could imagine, and those little touches really made it all extra special. Oh, and one last bit…. over two weeks later… my bouquet was still pristine and looked like the flowers had just been picked. Amazing quality!!