Rich Sapphire-Lit Blue Sky: Outdoor Weddings

It’s great you’re thinking about an outdoor wedding. Picture it: the sensational sunset on that thrilling day that captivates the eyes; the rich sapphire-lit blue sky caressed by light streaks of puffy clouds; and the high tree tops, the leaves dancing through the light presence of the wind. All of that adds to a perfect wedding day. Here are a few things to consider when having an outdoor wedding.

Setup: Flexibility is the key here! The materials needed for an outdoor wedding can add up very quickly.  Think of an empty table you want to place in a specific location, and then fill. Although you may not know each required accessory that will be needed, the trick here is to be flexible while when deciding what works best with your venue. Always consider that rental and décor costs can add up quickly for items like tables, tents, chairs, etc. Worry not, because this is where being prepared can pay off. Work with your venue, florist, or event decorator to ensure that you have just what you need and your event will look amazing.

Ambiance: Outdoor venues come equipped with dazzling scenery and great surroundings, especially when the weather is beautiful. This can set a positive mood for all to enjoy this special day. Remember the natural beauty or your surrounding affects the mood greatly. The less the surrounding matches the desired feel you are going for on your wedding day, the more decorating you’ll need to do to make up for it. Don’t be afraid to look around, and be creative. Express your artistic curiosity, and don’t’ worry: nature will always have what you need. As a preferred vendor at the Paramount Country Club, we are well versed in making the event match the environment.


The Weather: The unpredictable nature of the weather is one we cannot control.  No matter what time of year you choose to have your outdoor wedding, things may abruptly change. A good recommendation is to make sure the venue offers indoor space in case the weather changes. As with this wedding at the Paramount Country Club, you could also consider a mix of indoor and outdoor space to get the best of both worlds.

In a sense, having an outdoor wedding will add a host of memories to your special day. The next time the sunlight seems to dance between the blades of grass, or years after as you take a walk through the park, you may spark a familiar essence of that day.  What better way to always relive the moments of such a beautiful day then to connect it with nature?

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