For the Love of Backdrops: Adding the Extras

If done correctly, backdrops can elevate the décor of your wedding. They can be dramatic, romantic, or display a sense of personality. However, not all backdrops are created equally. Before you decide on a backdrop, here are a few things to consider that will help you get the right one for your wedding.

More Than Material: Yes, backdrops do incorporate a lot of material, but handling the material the right way is what makes the difference between a good backdrop and what may become an eyesore. If you’re new to backdrops, take a look at the work of the designer you have consulted with to ensure that the style will match what you are looking for at your wedding. Wedding days can be very hectic, so if you’re really looking for a backdrop, don’t attempt to create one alone. The set up is definitely not a one-person show, and it can take hours to set it up correctly. Plus, you are unlikely to have enough material to create the look you are going for, and a last-minute shopping trip isn’t really a feasible plan.


Style is Everything: As we mentioned, not all backdrops are created equal. The style of your backdrop should match the style of your wedding, so look for something that will compliment your other décor ideas as well as incorporate your culture and personality. Discuss your plans with your designer to get a better understanding of what’s possible and to get an idea of what type of backdrop setting may suit your wedding and your needs. Have your florist and your designer (if they aren’t the same person) coordinate the backdrop with the other elements so that the whole space feels seamless.

The Size Factor: If you’re looking for a spare-no-expense experience, the backdrop can be a fantastic way to add to your event. Because your vision is so important to the type of backdrop you receive, discuss the details with your designer so that you can factor the costs in to your overall budget. Keep in mind that backdrops are a labor-intensive endeavor and be willing to get the best for your special day.

No matter what style and size you decide on for your wedding, backdrops are definitely a loved element of any wedding décor. They give you an opportunity to step up the design of your event, a way for you to share your culture or personality, and a focal point that will look fantastic in pictures. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you bring your vision to life.