Flowers Aren’t Just for Weddings

While most weddings typically have flowers, people tend to focus on the one main event when considering floral arrangements. However, you can add flowers for décor in almost any instance, and it doesn’t have to be just for weddings! Of course, as a florist, we definitely have a bias on the necessity of flowers in almost all occasions, but we think that once you understand how they can be used in various areas, you may take the florist perspective with you. Here are some other places you may want to consider discussing adding flowers to liven up the atmosphere.

Wedding-Related Events: While the main event is the wedding, there are a lot of related events that also need to be well executed. All wedding-related events (engagement parties, showers, morning-after brunch, etc.) or any large gathering of friends and family can benefit from floral arrangements. Especially if you’re not going to add a lot of decorations, flowers can be an easier way to liven up the environment and make the event really pop.


For Your Home: Are you hosting a dinner party and want to add to the special atmosphere? Consider adding some flowers to your event plan to give your environment an uplifting quality. While these events are typically smaller in scale, adding flowers will show that you are the type of hostess that really pays attention to details. Even a single centerpiece can really make a difference, but you can also add floral arrangements in other areas of your home as well.

Special Occasions: From anniversaries to prom and from holidays to birthdays, any special occasion should be a reason to get flowers. A bouquet of flowers can really show your loved one how much you care, but it’s absolutely a great idea if you’re hosting event celebrating the special occasion. Be sure to reach out to your florist for all your special occasion needs.


As you can see, there really isn’t a time or place that would be inappropriate to have flowers. No matter what the occasion, you can never go wrong by adding flowers. Whether happy or sad, romantic or friendly, there is a flower to suit every situation. Be sure to keep your florist on speed dial so that you can share the love with your friends and family.