Flower Girl: The Littlest Member of the Party

As a little girl, being part of a grown-up wedding party can be a lot of fun. It can also feel like a lot of pressure depending on the child, so making sure your flower girl is ready for her roles and responsibilities is important. There are three steps to successfully having tiny people in your wedding party and enjoying all the cute pictures in the future.

The Right Flowers: A flower girl is likely too little for a full bouquet, but you may consider a handful of flowers or a basket of petals. Depending on her age, you’ll also want to be sure that she is ready for whatever you decide. Holding on to a bunch of flowers for an extended period of time may be a bit challenging. If you decide on a flower basket, also decide if you would like her to throw the petals as she walks down the aisle or if you would just like her to hold the basket. Once you’ve made the decision about the right type of flowers for your flower girl, be prepared to practice that walk down the aisle.

flower girl

Practice Makes Perfect: A rehearsal is a super important part of wedding planning when there are children involved. Be sure your flower girl understands exactly what you’d like her to do as she goes down the aisle and where they are expected to go when they get to the front. If at all possible, have someone directing the processional so that they can share a friendly reminder right before she is to walk down the aisle. If she will be throwing petals, at least have a basket at rehearsal so that she can get comfortable with it, especially if this is her first time as a flower girl.

Be Prepared to Change Plans: Yes, the one year old just started walking, but are they really going to be able to make it all the way down the aisle? Be prepared for a back up plan in the event that your flower girl or ring bearer gets stage fright, is tired, or just generally doesn’t feel like making the entire trek down the aisle. Have a backup plan for someone to carry the little one down the aisle if possible, to walk hand-in-hand with an adult the trust, or to be able to make a quick exit off the aisle if they need to. If you’re flower girl was supposed to throw petals, just be prepared for either a walk down the aisle without petals or for there to be far fewer petals than you imagined in your head.

Now that you (and your flower girl) are prepared for that walk, give us a call to discuss which options best suit your needs!