Fall Wedding Season Brings A Wealth of Options

The seasons have changed, and the leaves will soon be turning colors. What does this mean? Fall wedding season is in full swing! Have you considered having a wedding in the fall? While spring may still be popular, fall is definitely taking a lead in popularity and may eventually overtake spring weddings as the season in which to get married. Every season has its charm, but here are a few key attributes that the fall holds over other times of year. If you’re considering a fall wedding, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Color Schemes: While spring may lend itself to softer colors and more pastels, fall is meant for deeper, fuller colors. . Fall colors are typically darker and bolder than in the spring or summer. Think more jewel tones and deep, rich colors that will accentuate the season. You will still have a variety of options, but discuss your colors and flower preferences with your florist to get a better understanding of what’s available and how you can get the look you want. If you’re a fan of fall foliage, you also have an opportunity to incorporate these amazing backdrops in to your wedding. Consider locations that will display these natural gifts to their best advantage.

fall wedding

Cooler Days: Since fall tends to be cooler than summer but less rainy than the spring, many people choose the fall just for the typically beautiful weather. Of course, there are no guarantees that the rain won’t show up on your wedding day, but you will be likely to avoid the humidity of the summer time. Consider the temperatures when deciding on your dress and accessories. Scarves or capes may work really well with your gown.

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Lighting Concerns: The sun will set earlier in the day, so be sure that you have allocated time to take pictures earlier in the day where there is more natural light. You may consider starting your wedding later in the day, but be sure your ceremony is still happening in daylight hours if it’s outdoors. IF your wedding is indoors, or in a darker location, it may be a great opportunity to bring in some lighting that will help set the mood.

Fall definitely gives you an opportunity to explore different color, clothing, and lighting than you would be likely to use in the spring. To make the most of your season, discuss your options with your vendors and watch your vision become a reality.