Choosing a Color Palette

One part of wedding planning that can be challenging is choosing your colors. If you don’t have a favorite color, or haven’t decided on a vision, this will likely be one of the first tasks that you will need to decide on. Why does it matter and how can you simplify the process of choosing a color palette?

Why it matters: Your color palette will help focus your attention for a lot of other aspects to the wedding: bridesmaids dresses, accessories for the entire bridal party, flowers, decorations, invitations, and more. While everything doesn’t have to be a perfect match, you will likely want to avoid clashing colors. Knowing your color scheme will also help you and your vendors simplify the selection process and simplify the decision process. It’s likely a question that will come up with most of your vendors, which is why it’s important to make the decision early on.

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How to Choose: One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be inventing any new colors for your wedding. While some colors are more common then others, it’s highly unlikely that you will find a color palette that is both pleasing to you and also has never been used before. It’s like seeing a car you’re about to purchase on the road: once you’ve decided that’s your car, you start seeing it everywhere, even if you may not have previously noticed it. It’s the same with wedding colors. As soon as you start to look for the color, you’ll start to see it everywhere.

Once you’ve accepted that you won’t be creating any new colors, you may find that the choice becomes a little easier. Does you and your partner have a favorite color? Is there a way to combine both of them on a day that is all about the two of you? If not, try to work around your venue. If your venue has a color scheme that’s not neutral, you can potentially work with a matching color scheme to avoid having to make a lot of adjustments to compensate for new colors. If neither of those options helps you decide on a color, you may want to enlist the help of a trusted adviser (like your mom or maid of honor) to give you a few options that you can choose from. Since they know you best, they will likely be able to help shorten the list to something you will like.

accessoriesKeep in mind that the number of colors you select is up to you but keeping it to one-three colors max will likely simplify your selection task. Be sure to discuss some options with your vendors, and don’t expect different mediums to match exactly.