A Bridal Bouquet: A Worthy Centerpiece

While bouquets for your bridesmaids are fun to plan for, the one bouquet that everyone will definitely have their eyes on is the bridal bouquet. The crux of it is that the bridal bouquet is more than just flowers. It’s tied up in so much emotion and often comes with a lot of traditions as well. If you’re interested in learning more about how a bridal bouquet can be more than just a floral arrangement, prepare to be enlightened.

A Multi-Purposed Bouquet: As the bride walks down the aisle, all eyes are on her, of course, and the accessories she has chosen to be adorned with. When that walk down the aisle is complete, her bouquet becomes more than just a centerpiece for the long-anticipated walk down the aisle. It can then be used for the bouquet toss at the end of the evening or even as part of the décor on the sweetheart table before the big toss. The bouquet definitely doesn’t just get to shine in the one moment: it will also be one of the most captured items in photographs and will be a part of memories for years to come.

bridal bouquet

Making Memories: Once the party is over, many brides choose to preserve their bouquets. Preserving your bouquet isn’t just about bringing it home, so if you’re interested in saving it, you’ll want to get instructions from your florist and seek professional assistance so that you can enjoy the bouquet for years to come. You’ll want to decide on the right method of preservation for you so that you can enjoy the flowers later on.

Filled with Tradition: Many people use the bridal bouquet to honor family traditions or to incorporate as a part of their something old, something blue. As part of your initial consultation, be sure to discuss options that you would like included in your bridal bouquet, such as using an heirloom as the wrap. Including family traditions in your wedding day can be truly rewarding and using the bouquet as a platform can really help you tie it all together.

bride's bouquet

The bridal bouquet is really a centerpiece worthy of splurging. As arguably one of your most important decisions for your wedding given its prominence, definitely take the time to discuss your vision and seek expert advice on what will work for you. Do you need assistance coming up with a bouquet that will work for your unique situation? Schedule a consultation and we’d be happy to discuss your needs.