Breaking Traditions: Make Your Wedding Unique

Weddings are typically sentimental affairs and therefore filled with many traditions. However, your wedding day is also about you and should be about the things that are important to you. Given the many traditions associated with weddings, you may be wondering which traditions you can happily skip to make more room for the things you love.

The Wedding Dress: Who said you have to wear white for your wedding day? In fact, most bridal gowns these days come in a variety of shades (off-white, ivory), but to add even more variety, look for non-traditional colors that may suit you. Of course, if you have cultural attire that you do want to incorporate in to your wedding, you can do that as well. No one ever said the dress was limited to one for the evening! Get creative and show your personality by having your wedding dress customized to your view of your day.

Formal Dinners: If a vision of a formal 3-course meal is what you’re after, you’ll have no shortage of opportunity. However, if that doesn’t match your vision for a good party, there are many more choices that you can discuss with your caterer. Have a cocktail party; consider tapas plates; or envision a sumptuous buffet. Whatever you decide, know that there are options, and you don’t have to stick with tradition.


Invitation Suites: Stationery decisions for a wedding come in a variety of styles. However, traditionally you would expect to receive a thick invitation with a formal invite, reply card, reception information, and more. In today’s world, a lot of this information is more easily housed on the internet, and it may save you a world of trouble trying to collect RSVPs if you make it easier for your guests to reply (honestly, sometimes they still don’t, but at least you can try). Splurge instead on creative signage at your wedding or employing the work of a calligrapher to save you some energy on labeling all those invites.

Bouquet Toss: This may eventually be a tradition that falls by the wayside. In the past, the bouquet toss was seen as a way to pass good luck to single women (in the hopes that the one who catches it would be the next to get married). If you’ve ever seen one of these enacted, you’ll notice that almost no one actually wants to get out on to the floor to catch that bouquet. It’s an awkward moment of forcing people to call out their status. On the men’s side, they are usually actively trying to avoid catching the garter, which makes the poor women who just caught the bouquet feel even more singled out. This out-of-date tradition can be replaced with other newer traditions that leave your single friends to find love on their own.

Seating Charts: If you’re comfortable with everyone being able to get along, you may also want to consider skipping the seating chart. Keep in mind that when left to their own devices, people will tend to congregate with people that they know, so if you’re hoping to mix up the crowd a little bit, seating charts do help avoid the “last person in the lunchroom” type of feeling.  Depending on your crowd, this may be a tradition you actually consider keeping.

Of course, with all of these traditions, the most important part to remember is to make your wedding special by focusing on the elements that are about you, your significant other, and the love you will be sharing for a lifetime. Need some help adjusting traditions? Schedule a consultation to find out how.