Wedding Wire 5 Stars | 5.0

Mayuri did a fabulous job at my son’s wedding. She is very professional, spends a lot of time in planning the flower arrangements for the entire event. All you need to do is to give her your choice of colors and a general idea of what you are looking for as far as the decorations go. She comes up with all the different flowers, to create a rustic look for this outdoor event. She makes beautiful bouquets and boutenniers. She is very creative and puts together this beautiful piece with just the right mix of flowers.The arch that she created was just amazing. The centerpiece for each table looked very colorful and bright. Everybody loved the flowers that she had made for the brides hair. It was so unique and fabulous. We are very glad that we had Mayuri do the floral arrangements for the wedding. She is very passionate and truly gifted for creating these unique floral arrangements to match each couple’s unique personality. Thank you Mayuri.