Author: Martine Dardignac

Flower Girl: The Littlest Member of the Party
Martine Dardignac | 17 July

As a little girl, being part of a grown-up wedding party can be a lot of fun. It can also

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Tablescapes: More Than Just Plates
Martine Dardignac | 9 July

There’s a lot of wedding jargon out there, and tablescapes is one that typically only comes up in the wedding

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two grooms
Two Grooms Share Their Love In Saugerties
Martine Dardignac | 26 June

When you think of LGBTQ weddings, what do you picture? Labels aside, a wedding should always be about you and

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outdoor groomsmen
Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Outdoor Summer Wedding
Martine Dardignac | 18 June

Summertime can be a great time for an outdoor summer wedding, but a lot of people have concerns about how

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luxury florist
Meet and Greet with Your Florist
Martine Dardignac | 5 June

Most people spend a year planning their wedding, and they meet hundreds of people along the way. By the time

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church alter
Getting to the Church
Martine Dardignac | 28 May

If you have a strong faith or are a fan of tradition, you may have always pictured your big day

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rustic theme
Choosing the Right Theme for Your Wedding
Martine Dardignac | 21 May

Themed weddings can be a lot of fun and can add an element of personality to your wedding. There are

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Making Your Flower Selections
Martine Dardignac | 14 May

Choosing flowers for your wedding is one of the best parts of wedding planning. Your flowers will be on display

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summer weddings
Summer Weddings Provide Amazing Backdrops
Martine Dardignac | 7 May

Are you considering having your wedding in the summer? While Spring tends to be the most popular season, there are

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Flowers Aren’t Just for Weddings
Martine Dardignac | 30 April

While most weddings typically have flowers, people tend to focus on the one main event when considering floral arrangements. However,

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