Author: Martine Dardignac

Choosing a Reception Location
Martine Dardignac | 23 April

One of the very first things that couples do when planning a wedding is choose the location for their reception.

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Choosing a Color Palette
Martine Dardignac | 16 April

One part of wedding planning that can be challenging is choosing your colors. If you don’t have a favorite color,

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Rites of Passage
Martine Dardignac | 9 April

As a young adult, you go through many rites of passage in to adulthood. One of the classic ones is

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working bouquet
Working With Your Florist
Martine Dardignac | 2 April

Working with your florist is one of the most important tasks of wedding planning. Flowers and the way that they

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Your Culture, Your Wedding: A How-To Guide
Martine Dardignac | 26 March

If you read last week’s blog about making your wedding your own, you’ll recall that part of making your wedding

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Make Your Wedding Your Own: Customized Weddings
Martine Dardignac | 19 March

If you’re like many brides, you’ve likely been picturing your wedding since you were a little girl. Weddings are all

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bride's bouquet
A Bridal Bouquet: A Worthy Centerpiece
Martine Dardignac | 12 March

While bouquets for your bridesmaids are fun to plan for, the one bouquet that everyone will definitely have their eyes

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A Self-Care Checklist for the Bride and Groom
Martine Dardignac | 6 March

Engaged couples often spend a majority of their free time planning for their wedding and, unfortunately, lose the time that

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Bouquets for Your Bridesmaids: A Guide
Martine Dardignac | 5 March

Bouquets for your bridesmaids are a major part of choosing your flowers. While there are many different approaches to deciding

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spring weddings
Spring Weddings in the Traditional Wedding Season
Martine Dardignac | 26 February

Spring is considered the most traditional time to host a wedding. There’s a reason spring is considered traditional wedding season,

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